#InTogether Fighting the Corona Virus Outbreak

Friends it seems like it was eons ago when our families were planning for our Spring Break getaways here in the US & finally getting a break from work and school. The halfway point of the 2nd half of the school year. Wow it’s gone quick.

Then we woke up one day and realized, our world has changed, OMG! No work? No school? No vacation WTH?

Wait are we in a dream, is this a movie? While it still seems surreal it is what we are faced with and we have to face it together! Heed the warnings people, to truly flatten the curve and have an impact on society we need to stay in. I know, it sucks! But trust me the alternative sucks worse!

Our team took quick action to leverage the resources we have & could pull together to launch this website. We hope it helps you in creating awareness. Staying healthy & getting back on track here soon enough. We will continue to post resources we hope help you & your family. If we can just impact 1 life we have done our job! Thanks for stopping by.

Stay healthy, stay safe & don’t be selfish, foolish or cavalier. Boredom & good health is not only the right thing but the moral thing to do!

#Covid19 #Covid19Outbreaks #CoronaVirus

We are constantly monitoring the numbers of Infected People by the Corona Virus, Covid 19 in the US Territory.