Protection against Covid-19


We are in this together, staying home saves lives, lessens the strain on healthcare systems and helps the community.  We realize this is hard, its hard for us all.  Our hearts go out to those we have lost to this virus and those fighting it!

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Maintain Social Distancing

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Covid 19 and Children

Covid 19 seems to have very little impact on children.  However many can be asymptomatic (shows no signs of virus) and still transmit it.  We still do not have enough testing worldwide to understand this virus. Protect your children with face masks if you must go out and do not touch anything when possible.  Wash your hands for 20+ seconds and use sanitizer as an additional line of defense.

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Avoid going out, but stay active.

Maintaining a Healthy lifestyle is essential to keep your Immune System strong. Even when on a lock down, try to keep exercising; go for a walk; ride your bike all while keeping a safe distance from other people.

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Protect the Elderly

Keep your distance from older and immunocompromised people and those with debilitating health conditions. Covid-19 have affected the elderly harder than any other age group.  Be smart, safe and stay healthy.

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