USA has already conduced 4 million tests

The United States of America already realized 4 million coronavirus tests, but health officials in two plans of reopening society believe they should conduct millions more each week before lift the restrictions.

Some reports estimates at least 3,000,000 and up to 30 million testes should be conducted weekly, in the other hand others says US should be making 20 million tests each day.

Until this day, the country has done about 4 million tests. A new test approved by de FDA may allow Americans to mail in their results. The test would give patients the opportunity to collect their samples using a at-home test kit and then submit by mail for lab testing, released FDA a text Tuesday.

The test should be available for the most states within weeks to patients with a doctor´s order, the agency stated.

The FDA is working with governors and state health officials to ensure the supplies and information regarding the tests are available "so that they can actually unlock that capacity," FDA Commissioner Dr. Stephen Hahn told "CBS This Morning" on Wednesday.
"We believe that based upon that information that we could double the number of tests that are done in a very short period of time," Hahn told the morning show. "That could be done this week."
Another Company posted a warn about misleading results.
Abbott Laboratories, the producer of a rapid coronavirus test that´s been widely used across the US and distributed to the Federal Government, warned its device can produce false negatives if a certain solution is used to move or store patiens´samples.
The company told reinforced the health car workers to not use "viral transport media" solutions on its device and instead said customers should only place swabs with patients' samples directly in the device.